About Meridian Securities

Meridian Securities, Inc. was established in 1989 by its founder Ronaldo S. Salonga, and is an active member-broker firm in the Philippine Stock Exchange. Meridian Securities is your Partner in Value Investing.

Meridian Securities Inc. is a respected stock-brokerage firm in Equity Sales, Research and Trading Operations with strategic alliances across various facets of the Philippine financial markets providing clients with equities offerings to suit their financial requirements.

Meridian Securities is complemented with a team of experienced personnel to provide the best personalized customer service to all clients and to meet their financial investment needs. With our company's establishment in 1989, we bring a depth of knowledge and expertise in Value Investing and wealth generation for our Retail and Corporate clientele.

Meridian Securities works well with our valued clients to deliver the best possible service that will result in financial rewards through Equity Investments as a securities broker and dealer.


Meridian Securities is committed to increase wealth for our clients and profitability through an annual high two digit business growth for our company through overall quality management systems development and business performance review and optimization.

We are committed to tirelessly cultivate our professional skills, service excellence and product innovation such that superior returns and satisfaction can be achieved for all our stakeholders.

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